Thursday, November 5, 2009

Real Stock

Real chicken stock is the sort you do yourself... simmer for hours and get every bit of goodness into it that you can. Real chicken stock is about health first, not flavour first.

Something I found out about stock recently... when you put a bit of vinegar into the stock and let it sit for 30mins before heating, you get more goodies out of the bones! And no, you can't taste the vinegar once done!!!

I cooked the chicken stock all night and woke to the aroma drifting through the house - delish.
My stock above is cooling for freezing, the fat is starting to come to the top... tomorrow I'll start to cook with it. I got about 6 litres after reducing from about 9.

Recipe: 4 chicken frames, 3 carrots, 2 large onions, 1/4c vinegar into the large pot and fill with water. Sit for 30mins then heat to a simmer then keep heat on a super low simmer all night.
Strain (Not down the sink!! I've seen that done!!) and then continue to cook at a boil to reduce and concentrate the stock. Use as a soup, in risottos - anything you want stock for. Some like to include it in almost every meal as it aids digestion among other things!


  1. What is a chicken frame? The vinegar idea sounds interesting!!!

  2. chicken frame LOL, is the nice way of saying 'chicken carcass'

    It's amazing how bad our food preparation is nowadays Bronny... preparing foods the quick way can lose us so many nutrients!

    Under preparation can be as much of an issue as we know over preparation (processing) to be!