Friday, July 24, 2009

I love this quote

I Work For a King

"I work for a King. He has put me in charge of his home. When He comes to see how I have managed His possessions and His children, I do not want to be found wanting. I want to do my best. Everything I have is on loan from Him. I have room and board and a job to do, but it is all for Him. Therefore I want to dress my best and do my best in all my work. I also want to be creative, for this is a sincere attempt to glorify Him and His beautiful creation. How I manage my home is a form of worship to Him." --Lydia Sherman

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Sheets

I can hear the washing machine doing it's job - how wonderful to have a machine do it for me!!
It's got new sheets inside, which makes it even more exciting LOL

There's nothing quite so nice as sliding between fresh new sheets at night.

Well there is actually, just one thing...

...sliding between fresh new sheets with hair free legs and just exfoliated and moisturised feet. And I mean *just* exfoliated. Within the few hours before bed, and that's a bed made with fresh sheets.

Pure Bliss!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What does your week look like?

I don't mean your schedule, events etc. What do I mean though? I guess I mean your sanity, your motivation, your sense of order and organisation.

I have a theory... based on what happens here, what I read of other people and just because. Just because it makes sense. To me.

Monday - The start of a new week. Planned, focused and organised
Tuesday - Because Monday was good we think we have it under control and Tuesday seems to just cruise
Wednesday - Because we let Tuesday cruise, there's a whole bunch of stuff that didn't get done. Add that to Wednesday's tasks and it's overwhelming, so not too much gets done
Thursday - We realise the week is almost over, so we get focused on some key tasks
Friday - Our last chance so we either spend the day as headless chooks to cram before the weekend or we throw up our hands with a 'why bother' because it's just not going to all get done.

Please tell me it's not just me...

The key day for me is Tuesday
Tuesday is the tipping point
Do Tuesday right and I can hold the week together
Don't do it right and the whole week can unravel

What day is your undoing?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Full steam ahead!

This may be the only life anyone sees from us in the next week. We leave in 7 x 24 hours + 8 hours to drive to Queensland for our family holiday and NM seminar.

Between now and then we need to
-get the cat to mums
-get 2 new tyres on the car
-paint a friend's son's room
-hold the final art class of the series
-design & fill 2 newsletters
-complete a mail out for 200
-wash the car and add water
-have my birthday celebrations
-Pete to men's night at church on Sunday
-Run a final BBB class
-3 customer appointments
-have our floors inspected by *6* people all at once (they're faulty) (the floor boards, not the people... that will be decided after we meet them *grin*)
-M to Girls Brigade
-Nj to Boys Brigade
-did I say *PACK*... there is sooo much to be organised!!!
-Training here
-Prep for that training!
-buy sparkly silver top hat
-make sparkly silver cape
-Organise M's birthday party for a couple of days after we return... she's turning *7*
-and then all the normal things like meals, eating, cleaning, washing & tidying here!!!

I really think I need to work on the packing list some more tonight - there are quite a few things that can't be packed till 3am next Saturday and I need to make sure I know what they are!

PS - and I have a hair appointment

I am NOW going to sit with the calendar, diary and some pens to get this sorted!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Wonderfully dreadful.

We are now implementing our cash plan.

If we stick to it, life will be great. If we don't, we'll dig a hole.

I suppose that's how it is anyway... we're just focusing on it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fabulous Dinner

Last night we had some new friends join us for dinner and it was really lovely. We'd never met the hubby before and it was the first 'real' opportunity to get to know the wife.
The most inspiring thing for me was that they were really seeking Gods will in their lives. They were saying 'Lord, where you lead we will follow' instead of the typical world-washed christian who lives a life that says 'Lord, where I lead, I want you to be there'.
I pray God blesses them as they follow His lead, and I feel blessed by them having shared a part of their journey with us.
Asides from that - they were just a really lovely family anyway!! Bonus *grin*

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Homeschool Graduate

I found this blog entry to be a really encouraging read.
When every second person you meet thinks you're a fruit loop for home educating or that we're abusing our kids by doing so (all this without them having done research into any schooling system, just the assumption that if the majority do something, it must be best, mind you!!!)... end of rant.... it's nice to be able to read of the successful journeys of others and be reminded of all the reasons we do what we do.

I've checked out the book she recommends and now need to add it to my wish list!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Arrived at last!

The computer has arrived - my life is complete - well... on it's way to being less hassled LOL
It's a lot faster than the desk top too - most noticeable so far with this blog.

There's a lot of setting up that needs to be done but it will have to wait. It's after 3pm so I need to get on with dinner, some bookwork with the kids and whatever today's cleaning is!!!! Time is passing very quickly today!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Worn Out - and Celebrating!

Hubby's pants have gone to the bin. 2 pairs - and we're thrilled.
We have vowed in our efforts to simplify that no more clothes will go to the op shop. We will own few enough that they WEAR out.
So with 2 to the bin, another will be repaired with material from a bin pair - and that pair then continues to be his 'yucky-work' pants. We bought a new best pair and he has 2 nice looking but older pants, for every day.
We will win this war!

Art & Craft Class

We had a lot of fun making these finger puppets. I've put Melinda's and Nj's aside for the car trip to Queensland... something easy to play with in the car.

The computer isn't arriving till Monday

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting Waiting

It's like being due for a baby LOL

Our new baby is a laptop, and it's due today!
We're keeping everything crossed that it does arrive, and unfortunately unlike having a baby, there's not a long list of things we can try to speed it's arrival!! hehe