About Me

A whole bunch of random things about me and my thoughts as they come to mind...

I got married in 2000 which is really handy for remembering how long we've been married
No it wasn't planned that way
I have a cat Minty, bought soon after we married... Pete wouldn't let her in the bedroom to sleep as a kitten but he's softened up in the last 12mo and now she sleeps near HIS feet!
I mostly like cooking but have many can't be bothered moments
I am a middle child but have 2 older siblings and one younger... my eldest sister is much older and was adopted out... I found out when I was 15
My sister, the one I grew up with, is one of my greatest friends
I LOVE having my nephews around and seeing them with my kids
Some church systems drive me crazy
I have pierced ears... and can't convince my 8yo she might like them too
The weirdest thing I put up with from Pete is the weird popping noise he makes with his mouth most nights while sleeping
I don't do gross things... I delegate
I don't like the heat of mid summer
I don't like the cold of mid winter
I love finding 'just the right gift' for someone
On toast I like no added sugar raspberry jam, raw honey or vegemite.
I loathe whole strawberries in yoghurt
Sultanas were not meant to be cooked - just eaten dried, thank you very much!
I love the skin to skin of newborn baby contact
I can convince my hubby of anything.... means I need to be wise!
Brussel sprouts were not meant to be eaten. ever.
I needed to go to bed an hour ago