Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meal Plan for the next few days

Pete started work last Monday (Yippee!) and meals are now a whole lot more tricky because I can't hand him Charlotte at meal preparation time during the week and be guaranteed I can prepare a meal all in one go. Add to that the oven dying at the same time and we're still waiting on a replacement and meal planning is even more difficult. Muffins, quiches, egg & bacon pies, breakfast muffins etc are all great for plan ahead meals as are lasagne, shepherd's pie and more. Sigh.

So today, typing as I think... toasted cheese n tomato sandwiches for lunch
Dinner: chicken sticks on vegie rice
Sunday lunch: Ravioli
Sunday dinner: stir fry vegies n beef
Monday lunch: scrambled eggs on toast
Monday dinner: Honey & mustard chicken N vegies

I can't think much past that at the moment... probably a crockpot stew or something like that... thinking on Wednesday I might take baking ingredients to my sisters place and spend the day baking in her oven... if ours isn't replaced by then