Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finding Our Rhythm

At last we seem to be finding our rhythm. The schedule has been tweaked accordingly!

I've found that if we don't start the day with bible/prayer and some form of PE then there is not enough focus in our bookwork. Or anything else for that matter.

I love it when I learn things like this!

Today this looks like:
-basic housework
-PE games (10-15min)
-Bible and prayer (30min)
then we have friends coming for a couple of hours and bookwork will happen when they leave.

The PE activities grabs and channels their focus, I then put it to use for the most important thing, our family worship time of bible and prayer.

The whole day, house, family etc seems to function much much better when I run the day like this. I'll be deliberately aiming for this each day now and I'm looking forward to the continued benefits

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorry Reverend, but I think you're wrong

I've been mulling over this for a week now... it was a casual comment. They may well be the most dangerous, the casual comments that is. They're the ones we can so fully believe that we no longer examine them for truth.

'Church must of course, be entertaining for them'
(this comment was made after I explained that I kept our 21mo in church with us so that he was taught to sit respectfully. That we were here for church, not playtime with friends)

hmm... after much deliberation, I officially 'think not'

Maybe this is why in excess of 50% of Christian youth, abandon their faith? (I'm being very generous with that figure too)

So much effort is put into keeping the kids entertained... disney movies at church, boppy singing and so on... are the children actually understanding the meaning of anything godly with the focus being like this?

Not from church, they're not.

They 'like' coming to church because it's entertaining - but what foundation is that of a lifelong faith? What is there to hold onto when life gets tough?

The foolish man built his house on the sand.

The foolish church placed it's children on foundations of entertainment.
When the rains came down and the floods rose, all the children were washed away... and went seeking entertainment elsewhere.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gloomy Days

We're in the midst of a bunch of gloomy days here, and with summer on it's way out there will only be more. This zaps my energy and my moods... not good for anyone living here LOL

I need ideas to help combat this!

I've only come up with 3 things so far - would love to know what you do
-fresh citrus oils in the oil burner
-loads of lighting on
-keep fully hydrated

I don't want to feel cozy (that comes all to easily) I want energy!!

Edited to add: Getting ourdoors on a daily basis is now also a goal that I think will help. I tend to avoid the outdoors when gloomy days are here but I think I need to push myself. Will see how much this can help over the coming months.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So cute!

Couldn't resist.... Mr Timothy learning to 'help' in the kitchen.... such concentration!


It was Melinda that peeled and chopped the carrots.... Timothy found them and decided to see what he could do with them... I'm not going to stop him, though I may need to soon as I need them for cooking dinner - he's been at it 10 minutes so far!! Having a ball :o)


Monday, February 8, 2010


"Last week it was revealed that the Victorian Education Department has instructed teachers to explicitly teach for the national tests, a cornerstone of the My School website." (Quote from an article in the AGE newspaper)

Oh? The same way I was taught to drive a car? for the test... and then wrote off a car a week later?

I already thought the education system was too heavily geared towards this type of teaching.

I'll keep home educating thank you very much.

To teach my children to live, to question, to love and laugh, to seek; to be entrepreneurial in spirit, to be employable and able to employ.

If they have the ability to pass a test or 10, good on 'em. I will not ever 'teach for tests' - my kids deserve more respect than that, thank you very much! (and yours do too!)


Our Australia Unit Begins

We started our Australia unit today - kids thought it was a cool start, which is always nice. It's encouraging to see their continued excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

Today we...
-Read and sung the National Anthem... will continue this through the unit so they learn it by heart
-Checked out where Australia is on the globe and coloured it on a map...noting some other countries that are bigger or smaller
-Read the first chapter of A Little Bush Maid

Down the track we'll be visiting Sovereign Hill, going camping in the bush, cooking a couple of Aussie recipes, watching the movie The Man From Snowy River.... all filled out with colouring and craft activities about flora & fauna, the states and capitals... and a bunch of other bits!
I think I'm looking forward to it as much as they are :o)

oh - if you want the National Anthem... the words are here but don't use their music to sing it by (dreadful, like, really dreadful)... we prefer this for music

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb 7th ~ Sunday at home

As the Sabbath has come to an end, once again, I am really enjoying preparations for the week ahead. I do find that when prepared well, the week goes so much more smoothly - so hoping this week follows suit! I need it to!

I've already finished the dishes, got the dishwasher on and am heading the children to bed.

This evening I will also be
-baking bread
-sweeping & mopping
-time plan Monday
-check hubby's clothes for the week ahead
-Set some education goals

It's not housework, it's home making

and I choose to love it.


Recipe by Request - Chocolate Brownie Slice

Next time I bake this, I will take and add a photo for you... in the meantime, Trust Me - it's delicious!

It is quite a moist cake. I bake it in a LARGE square pan. If you don't have one, consider 2 smaller pans to keep it a low flat slice-like cake. It will be a dark chocolate brown and a thin crispy layer will form on top. Always best when left overnight before eating - and dust with icing sugar before serving.

I have had a friend make this a few years ago and looked at me with great expectations as I took a bite - and then asking me most excitedly 'do you recognise it?'.... umm... no? should I?
She then told me it was this recipe, which I had given to her.
I have no idea what she did differently but I tell you... it being brown in colour was the only similarity LOL and it was even the wrong shade of brown.
This recipe when made properly is DIVINE... otherwise, it's just 'cake'...

Do let me know if you make it!

Best Ever Chocolate Brownie Slice Recipe


1¼c Plain flour
½ c
Cocoa powder
Baking powder
Sugar (white, caster or raw)
Vanilla essence
½ c
Chopped pecans/walnuts (optional)


1. Line 34cm x 23cm tin (or 2 square tins) with baking paper. Preheat oven 180°c

2. Place all ingredients into a large bowl, beat together with a wooden spoon until well mixed

3. Pour into lined tin and bake in moderate oven till springs back in centre - approx 25/30 minutes

4. When cool sprinkle with icing sugar or drinking chocolate & cut into small rectangles

What a week!

This new 'life' is taking some getting used to and there are most certainly adjustments that need to be made. I need more strategies in place to keep from being overwhelmed. This last week has been so so busy, thus no new blog posts since Monday - and the week ahead is looking to be even more busy as we have 3 extra appointments in the week!!

I've pulled out my Fly lady book again and am re-reading as I can snatch moments to do so. It's got some good reminders in there for me and I think this next week I am going to spend more time planning my days before they happen and am going to keep my timer glued to me!

Amongst the busyness we've had some great times this week...
**Thursday evening, 3 girlfriends came over for a fun game and conversation evening. Times like this keep me sane. So good to be able to share, encourage and grow through time spent like this.
**Car day was very productive with Woolworths, Aldi, Green Grocer, Raw milk collection and a visit to the GP for Melinda who was most relieved to find out her mole can be left on her back i.e. does not need to be chopped out!
**Pete is settling in to his new role, though the change is very tiring for him
**We finished up looking at South America/Brazil this week - looking forward to starting 'Australia' on Monday
**Harvested 3 zucchini's and 3 tomatoes from our vegie patch
**Tried a new zucchini recipe with great results
**Taught the children how to play Mancala (I Love this game!)
**Success with organising meals in advance!
**The children and I have enjoyed listening to The Adventures of Jonathan Park as we've driven in the car or sat waiting for Pete to come out from work. Learning is so much fun this way - I highly recommend this series and it can be bought from Heart and Home. Worth every cent spent - yes, every cent!! I know we will keep our series for at least a decade and I suspect it will get passed onto the grandchildren :o)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Potty Training Success

Success! On the potty though, too small for the toilet yet. Will wait till he can do his pants by himself for that :o)
21mo today and potty trained. No accidents in 3 days and can go out for at least 2.5 hours without needing the potty... haven't tried longer because haven't needed to yet.
We've been to church, to the park and market and to somewhere else but I can't remember where it was at this moment lol
We're still in cloth nappies for sleeps and I imagine we'll be using nappies for another 6mo-ish

So far as day time goes - couldn't be happier!

(Photo is April 2009)

'Interesting' Days Ahead

'Interesting'... such a nothing word, gives no indication of how one feels about something LOL
So let's say I'm feeling a tad apprehensive?

Pete starts work today.

For the last 2.5 years I have had him home with us, working on our business. Well, life changes; God calls, and the path of life turns a corner.

We are continuing with our home business but due to my health, I am unable to deal with the pressure of my major role in it. So my part continues, on an 'as I can do/feel like it' basis and Pete will continue is admin responsibilities in the evenings and Saturdays. Yes all up, we're going to lose out time-wise but it will stabilise our income and remove a load of stress from me.
Long term, Pete's side of the business will financially support us.

Having said that though, my physical responsibilities around the home and with the children are on the increase. God has clearly directed this though so I know He will see us through.

Prayer would be great though!

Yesterday I realised that I will be the one taking the children to their school holiday swim sessions 4 days in a row
Then this morning I realised it will be me taking Melinda to her optometrist and Timothy to his health centre appointments - and the list continues on and on and on LOL

New things bring new challenges. Like the need for a car at least one month before we will have $$ to pay for it.

Yes, 'interesting' days ahead - I know it will sort out, but in the meantime I am very very aware of my new responsibilities and limitations