Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost done

The move is 'almost' finished... maybe this weekend? Pete has had today off for a medical appointment and has also been doing the last of the LARGE things with a truck that has a lift on the back. (Can I just say that I LOVE *RDO's* ... I don't know that I'll ever want to lose them!)
I am excited that I now have my fridge, freezer, couch and rockers... we're starting to look like home!

Tomorrow I am out for much of the day but after that it will be some fine tuning of our new schedule and then some very serious focus on keeping to it. I would like to use a 2 week block to stick to it so we master it... I'm not sure how successful I will be in finding that time though... I really want to visit an old friend in Geelong who has recently lost her husband to cancer, to meet up with a new online friend and also to visit dear friends in Ballarat! See - those ideals just don't match up with staying home, do they!!
I'll take some time in prayer and planning before finally settling on a plan!
What about you? do you use a daily schedule or just 'wing it'?

It's the end of the day now... hmm, tis awfully quiet... might just take a peek out the back

All is good! The back yard here is HUGE so I can't hear all that goes on. I'm going to have to get used to that - at the last place the back fence was 5m from the back door LOL, here it would have to be about 30m?

Back to the end of my day... the crock pot has been simmering for the last few hours and smells amazing. Pete is due back any minute with the truck of 'stuff' which will create a kerfuffle as the truck has to be returned in less than one hour!!

I've had my nephews here all day, it's been lovely but has gone sooo fast. Need to work out if they're eating here before heading home or not and then this evening our children will be early into bed and I will hopefully have an hour or two's planning time!

Life still feels full speed ahead at the moment... will that change? Am hoping it does
(it won't be today though, Pete just called, is almost here and needs my help unloading... we have like 15 minutes to empty a truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pulling it all back together

For the last 9 weeks life has been very much upside down... we found out we were 'being asked/told' to move out of where we were renting. It took us a week over that and then we gave 4 weeks notice... they'd given us the 120 days they were legally required to. We chose to leave earlier so we could stop paying rent and thus be able to pay for the move!
So then 4 weeks were spent packing, cleaning etc. Down to the very last minute too.
Then 3 weeks 'floating'.... 2 weeks house sitting in the city at my BIL & SIL's house while they were in Europe and then another week with friends here locally in Knox and then yippee of all yippee's, we were accepted for a house and we've been here for almost a week.

And as of today, I have full internet access!! This is important as I am a rare one that gets more done with the internet being a part of my day :o)

We only have about 1/2 of our things here... many boxes to come... and a cat

I soooo need to get everything back on track. As you'd imagine, little formal education has taken place over this period. Much learning of course, just not the things we class as 'bookwork'.

We have had some fun. Learning to live with less. A trip to the museum. The loss of an old friend - and the children finally getting through this happening, what a 'bad day' actually is... the loss of a young friend through drowning and many more tears... lessons in decluttering.... many many kilometres on the road... city traffic at 6.30am... sausages in bread becoming 'cooking from scratch'... getting over takeaway... an art sale and crafting workshop... a tupperware party... learning from one of the most relaxed mothers I have ever seen... learning how much 'being unsettled' the children can cope with... getting sick, all of us; I believe as a result of the poor 'on the go' diet we were on... more time to play with friends...

So now almost back into real life!
This weekend will be church, a meeting at church, Pete helping a friend move house, heading to Geelong to collect our dear Minty (cat) and picking up my NEW DEHYDRATOR... and some more unpacking :o)

I am soooo loving being in my own kitchen again.... loving the cooking... even better will be when the big fridge arrives!

I had also just started M.O.T.H. before the moving saga began, I am really looking forward to getting back into it... and getting into M.O.T.Chores
"We're not trying to do 'School at Home.' We're trying to do homeschool. These are two entirely different propositions. We're not trying to replicate the time, style or content of the classroom. Rather we're trying to cultivate a lifestyle of learning in which learning takes place from morning until bedtime 7 days each week. The 'formal' portion of each teaching day is just the tip of the iceberg."