Thursday, June 30, 2011

sigh of relief

It's 1.36am on June 30th... FINALLY I have completed some long over due tax papers that HAD to be done and submitted by close of business later today. So good to have it done... now hubby can go and submit it

And I can stop thinking about it

and go to bed

till Charlotte wakes thinking one of the most important things to teach the children, is to keep on top of tax paperwork

'spose I'd better start by setting a better example LOL

okay, bed time - night all!


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Pete finished work last Friday - the solar company he was with has 'gone under' and so he was made redundant, effective IMMEDIATELY - I went and picked him up.

We weren't going to tell his mum... because we're not really worried about it. Her stress about it is harder to deal with than anything else LOL We live on little money (relative to our culture) and so unemployment benefits will replace most of the lost income until he's working again... so to us, it's an annoying hurdle we have to jump that really wasn't needed in our lives right now (not sure when it would be, but you get the idea I am sure)

Well, now his mum knows *chuckle*

She rings up, Melinda answers the phone and MIL asks for mum or dad.... Melinda says "Mum is feeding Charlotte and I don't know where dad is"... this then leads to the question "Is dad at home?"... only answer can be 'yes' to which she heard "I THOUGHT SO!!"

Totally SPRUNG hey!

Well hopefully we now don't get the usual: You're too old to be starting a new job, people don't hire workers your age very often, you're going to run out of money.... yada yada yada

Yes, I know it's because she cares... it's just no fun dealing with such a negative way of it being shown :)


Monday, June 6, 2011


Pretty cool huh?

My BROTHER made it! That crown on top - EDIBLE, made by him as well!!
He made it for a sweet 3yo's birthday...her first birthday without her daddy, who died almost 12mo ago

Got a moment?

Go to this link, look for the cake (it changes pages and we can't link directly to it) and then give it a nice BIG score... like *5* Stars to increase his average score

Got an extra moment? Be a little cheeky and check out the 'highest scoring cakes' that are on the first page the link goes to... and rate any others there as a *0* to lower their average scores ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crazy Days

Being at home for weeks on end, wondering if I'll ever get out of the house again.

Getting out of the house again, everything taking longer, wondering how soon I can score a week at home again.

Laughing at people's reactions to a family of 4 children being out and about vs just 3... the 4th seems to make a HUGE difference to the general population

Brushing my teeth at odd times because it's the only way they'll get done.

Running a sink of water to wash the dishes... the same dishes that the sink has been filled for 2 times already

No time to cook, have only managed it 2-3 times in the last month.

Being blessed by oh so many with their provision of meals for our family - have never experienced anything quite like it. I owe any sanity I have to these dear ones. No less than 16 meals in the last 4.5 weeks (no, don't read this and stop them coming LOL!!)

Too many late night cookies but losing weight anyway.

The need to remind myself that it wont be that way for much longer!!

From the early days of barely being able to wake up for night time feeds to one month on, waking as the first 'a' is spoken by my hungry-again daughter.

Functioning on such small amounts of sleep... hanging out for the weekends when I can accumulate 8 hours over night instead of the usual 5

Enjoying the quiet of night time feeds, of being able to study every amazing thing she is and does.

The fun first feed of a morning with Timothy wanting to climb over us both, helping her to close her eyes, giving a commentary on every little thing he notices about her... repeating again the next morning as though he's never noticed her before.

The chaos of *stuff everywhere*.

Knowing it's only for a short time.

Hoping it's only for a short time.

REALLY hoping it's only for a short time.

Blogging instead of putting some of that STUFF away.

It's all crazy.
So much more crazy than I could ever explain.
At the same time, the most awesome peace.
I am blessed. Truly blessed.

Now can someone just keep the kids busy so I can have a shower?!?!