Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thermomix Usage #8

Tuesday +1
Cream of chicken and asparagus soup, which included chopping and sauteing a leek

Wednesday +7
Cheese & Bacon breakfast muffins
Cauliflower cheese bake for lunch
Chopped ALL the vegies for beef and vegie rice, other than the capsicum. Did onion, zucchini, mushroom, celery & carrots... took about 3 minutes to chop 5 different vegies, in large quantities, instead of about 20-30 minutes!

Tally 48 uses over 15 days = Just over 3 uses per day

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thermomix Usage #7

Monday +5
Boiled eggs for breakfast
Poached a couple of chicken breasts
Shredded cooked chicken breasts for sandwiches
Cheesecake base AND Cheesecake filling... preTMX this would have been a food processor, electric beaters, a saucepan and 2 bowls!!

Tally 40 uses over 13 days = just over 3 uses per day

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thermomix Usage #6

Thursday +0
Eggs on toast for breakfast, reheats for lunch and roast in the oven for dinner

Friday +4
Pizza dough
Triple onion for a mega batch of Savoury Chicken

Saturday +3
3 batches of grated cheese

Sunday +2
Whipped cream

Tally 35 uses over 12 days = just under 3 uses per day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thermomix Usage #5

Monday +0
Nope, Had eggs on toast for breakfast, reheats for lunch and defrosted for dinner. Zero baking. We cleaned house for the day.

Tuesday +1
Used it to make Breakfast Pudding batter

Wednesday +5
Today... bread making, sauerkraut making, grated Parmesan cheese, vegetable risotto, and gherkin dip
Didn't use it for Banana Pikelets... could have but wanted Melinda to experience making them the more traditional way :-)

Tally 26 uses, over 8 days = 3.25 uses per day

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thermomix Usage #4

Sunday... Grated cheese, whipped up some pancakes and made an herb & garlic dip = 3 uses for a total of 20 over 5 days = 4x a day

Grating cheese - WHY?! Because then you don't get the dodgy preservatives and additives that are in pre-grated cheese. I usually grate about 500g-1kg at a time, and have it in a box in the fridge for use through the week. Today I'm using it for one side of the pancakes, and also for topping the taco pie.

Pancakes... we start with melted butter in ours, so dishes are saved because TMX melts butter first, before we add the other ingredients. It's less mess and minus a ladle, because we can pour straight from the TMX jug into the pan. Win-Win!

Loving My Winter Sundays!

Looks like I may actually be getting back into the habit of blogging again - don't hold your breath though! Let's see :-)

A 'sleep-in' of sorts begins by Sundays now... that's a 6/6.30 rising, instead of 5/5.30... trust me, that's a good thing!

Warm coffee, the wood fire burning, a cooked breakfast (today it's cheese pancakes & sour cream with fresh spring onions), then slow morning of pottering/playing/tidying together as a family before having naps and down time.

Off to fellowship with our church in the afternoon, finishing with dinner together before bring the children home to bed.

It's taken deliberate effort to achieve a day of rest like this, but oh so worth it!

We clean house most weeks on a Friday and at least 2 meals are cooked for our Sunday, before Sunday arrives... today we have soup for lunch and Taco Pie to take for church dinner.

Treasured days, these are :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thermomix Usage #3

Friday was 3 different dips... gherkin, tzatziki & herb/garlic... another batch of chocolate balls, and a lemon cheesecake (yum!)... total, 5 uses on Friday = 16 uses over 3 days, which is just over 5 x a day

Saturday... a day off... pan & oven cooked breakfast and then gone for the day - 16 uses over 4 days which is 4 uses per day.

Let's see what Sunday brings!

PS: Psst! Actually, I chopped 3 onions for a casserole on Friday too... and the casserole had a home made BBQ seasoning in it, that had previously been made in bulk, in Thermie :-)
I won't count the BBQ seasoning... but with the onions, lets bump that up to 17 uses over the 4 days. LOVE not having to chop onions by hand!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thermomix Usage #2

Today I chopped 4 jumbo onions...1 at a time for about 1 second each, and chopped 2 zucchini PERFECTLY on about speed 4 for a few seconds... I've been doing them too fast till now which makes the pieces too small AND leaves a couple of chunks not chopped.

What we didn't use it for...chopping a whole bunch of celery for soup... I like sliced celery... and 2kg of carrots for the soup... I prefer them chopped on the chunky grate setting of my old food of 2 reasons I've held onto it, post TMX...the other reason being citrus juicing!
Bonus...I still didn't chop celery & carrots... hubby did the celery and Nj peeled carrots, them Melinda fed them through the food processor. If I wasn't so fussy, or didn't have the food processor still, TMX would have been just fine!

So let's call today 2 uses, even though the onions were for the equivalent of 4 batches of soup!

11 uses over 2 days...5.5 uses a day

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thermomix Usage

Everyone uses their Thermomix a little bit differently, depending on food choices, and family size, mostly. I commented on the weekend that I probably use mine an average of 3 times a day...the reply being "That's 3 meals a day!".
Well, no, sort of, maybe... it all depends on HOW you use it...

So, I thought I'd track my usage for a while, so you can see what OUR experience of this amazing machine is.

Yesterday... I made a loaf of bread. That was it in Thermie for the day

Today... so far... a loaf of bread, 2 batches of chocolate balls, and 2 Jelly slice. 5 uses so far.
I intended adding to that 2 batches of apricot slice, and 2 batches of chocolate date slice. That'll be  total of 9 uses in the day. Oh, and tonight... I'm making up a double Taco pie... with the chemical free mexican seasoning mix, made in TMX... so make that 10 uses in the day.

Stick with me... it's a busy week!