Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I think of you from time to time

as I go about my every day life, because of the practical impact you've had. Little things, maybe 'duh' things, but sweet none the less!

When I use my food processor/blender I think of Marion who has hers on the bench and since I've copied this life is simpler!
I think of Viv when I order and receive books purchased by our library - wow what a resource :o)
Cassie, you are thought of each time I sew something - you inspired me and give me courage to 'have a go'
Michelle, I think of you each time I am able to help someone. Matthew 25v43-45
I think of the home school mums group every time I use my date stamp... such a simple thing, such an impact! Who would have thought LOL

I think of my friends and I know I am blessed


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