Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hoping for an early cool change

This heat has me so worn out - on good days I have about 3 hours of 'productive energy'... this heat and humidity drops it down to about 1 hour so I am very much keen for the cooler weather to return - Please Lord!

Last night it was 24 inside (in the room with the air con that is, and it had been up to 29 in that room!) when we went to bed and 26 outside. Well it did get a few degrees cooler an hour or so after we went to bed... but by morning, we're back up to over 27 degrees! Can I say Yuk?!

Ah well, I can't change it and this house needs some attention so that will be my focus this morning. This afternoon will be busy but 'self driven'... I've to drive 45 minutes to collect 100kg grass fed, chemical free, freshly butchered beef... and then bring it home again. Hoping the butchering schedule is all on track so there's not too much waiting involved! Once I return, I need to get 65kg of it into MY fridge and freezers and then I have 3 others coming to collect smaller portions - one friend and her 7 kids are coming from a couple of hours away to collect theirs (and do a few other things in Melbourne with their day)... I don't see this lovely lady nearly often enough so I am very much looking forward to this. Around about the same time as pick ups and dinners I also have a friend setting up a camper trailer in the driveway for about a week, for another friend and her 2 kids to stay in while the renovations on the house are being finished off.... it was going to be a couple of nights ago but the heat at night has made it better for them to borrow someone's cooler lounge room floor - ours is not cool and we're up from 5am daily and often using the lounge LOL. Summary: there will be a few people coming and going tonight!!!

So, in my couple of weeks of 'this weather is yuk, I can barely function let alone blog.... what has been happening?
Pumpkins (who ever knew vegie gardening could be so much fun!), tomatoes, children, piano, preserving, holiday planning, Treasured Moments and more - how great that so much of life happens by itself LOL

Stay tuned for those updates - but first, with it being almost 7am... I need to get the day happening!
There is a kitchen to be cleaned, rooms to be tidied and a busy day to organise (yes, not much happened here in yesterday's heat and now it's catch up time)

Have a wonderful day where ever you are!

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