Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Home Ed Tracking

BEFORE Pete damaged his knee, I was well on the way to working out our new home ed tracking... in fact, that's what I spent many hours of the time they were at camp, doing! Inspired by The Paper Maid I was working on the system that I want to have up and running ASAP. To avoid as many academic bumps as possible with the arrival of our next blessing in early September

Aside from printing out the first page in a 'not quite complete' format I hadn't gotten around to completing the last subject column needed or printing out a final copy and binding it with a binder I have on loan.

So with today not having to take Pete to work and the older 2 being at holiday club, I took the time to finish it off and here it is...

I cut down a 'manilla' folder for the front and back covers

and inside, one page does 4 weeks for one child

I now have everything scheduled from now till the end of the year. Next steps are to do all photocopying and book binding that I need to do, to go with it. Our nephews are about to join us for the next few days so I might not be able to get to that till after the weekend... or maybe they'll all be so busy playing together that I will have the time??

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  1. Looks great~!!

    Thinking of doing a little binder book party tomorrow here. :o)