Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sanity on the wall

on the wall - literally... a good thing, not bad LOL

My new FLYLADY calendar arrived last week after not using one from the start of this year. It was a mistake to not continue on! I'd been using a smaller calendar. A very nice one. But smaller. Too small, it turns out. Much easier when you can see what's going on in life, from a few metres away vs needing to be within 1 metre. It wasn't getting used and we have not been as organised as we would like to have been.

Problem Solved!

A bonus with the Flylady calendar is that it is a 17month calendar - allowing plenty of overlap time... useful for those that are slack in re-ordering or for those that like to plan out the next year in advance. A bit of both for me this time!

Our colour coding is: Blue for Family; Yellow for Kids i.e. Piano, Boys Brigade, Girl's Brigade, Co-Op etc; Green is for Church activities and Pink for other appointments.

I also like the big spaces to plot it out as the day happens. Something in the morning goes at the top of the space. Evening at the bottom. Something all day, goes all over the space and so on.

I won't be making the mistake of trying a different calendar again!!


  1. Your calendar looks great. I usually start off well but fizzle out, which is exactly what has happened this year. Although when I turned to August there were already events marked in, so not a total loss. I marvel at your organisation and I realise that with a busy family and little ones around it is necessary. I admit I was much more organised when the children were all doing school. Life gets away from us now!

  2. Looking very organised with your calendar Narelle. That's great! I also find my calendar the best way to keep daily activities/events organised and in order, avoiding any of those 'Uh oh' moments when something is accidentally forgotten. Hehe. ;o)