Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things (3)

LOVE our Time Timer. Even more than I expected to. Both of them actually. We have the small (pictured) and the medium sized one, too. That link also takes you to where I ordered ours from, as the US site, doesn't ship to Australia.

Not cheap, by any means. But worth it!

How does it work?

If you look closely at my picture, the '20' has a clear 'button' on it. This is attached to the red area. To set the timer, you put your finger on this button and slide the red area around to the desired time. It then retracts until it disappears. It can either end in silence or two short beeps, to let you know it's done. Enough noise to hear it, but not so loud or ongoing that it would annoy others working nearby.

What do we use ours for?

The small one for computer use & piano practice. It's easy to see, with less than half a glance, an approximate idea of how much time is left. Concentration does not need to be broken to check how much time is left. More piano is happening in each half hour now!

Also with the small one, I'm using it to help our 4yo learn to sit still for periods of time, as needed. He was born with 'ants in his pants' but still needs to develop self control and the skill of being able to sit and be still when needed. Time means nothing to a 4 year old, so him being able to see the block of time left, and it shrinking, works wonders. A couple of practice sessions at home and he's good to go when out and about. I don't get asked every 3 minutes during the sermon at church 'are we done yet?', anymore. I set the timer for 45 minutes and know we'll be easily done by then. Bliss for me, and for those sitting around us. He then knows to just keep waiting and DO one of the things, he's allowed to do.

The BIG one - or medium as the Time Timer company calls it... but it's BIG to us...! The BIG one is used for team work and group times. Everyone cleaning the car? Timer on for 15 minutes where we can all see it and Go! Kids needing to hang washing? Timer where they can see it and GO! Silent time, in the lounge room? Put it where they can see it, and SHH!!

What else you might like to know:

The small one has a protective see through cover - making it ideal for tossing in the handbag, for heading out. It flips around to become the 'stand', and help it balance better, when needed. The medium sized one has two click out legs at the bag to stabilise it - easy to use.

They both take a single AA battery

I have not been asked to review, nor been given anything for reviewing. 
These are my own thoughts on an item I own.

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