Friday, July 17, 2009

Full steam ahead!

This may be the only life anyone sees from us in the next week. We leave in 7 x 24 hours + 8 hours to drive to Queensland for our family holiday and NM seminar.

Between now and then we need to
-get the cat to mums
-get 2 new tyres on the car
-paint a friend's son's room
-hold the final art class of the series
-design & fill 2 newsletters
-complete a mail out for 200
-wash the car and add water
-have my birthday celebrations
-Pete to men's night at church on Sunday
-Run a final BBB class
-3 customer appointments
-have our floors inspected by *6* people all at once (they're faulty) (the floor boards, not the people... that will be decided after we meet them *grin*)
-M to Girls Brigade
-Nj to Boys Brigade
-did I say *PACK*... there is sooo much to be organised!!!
-Training here
-Prep for that training!
-buy sparkly silver top hat
-make sparkly silver cape
-Organise M's birthday party for a couple of days after we return... she's turning *7*
-and then all the normal things like meals, eating, cleaning, washing & tidying here!!!

I really think I need to work on the packing list some more tonight - there are quite a few things that can't be packed till 3am next Saturday and I need to make sure I know what they are!

PS - and I have a hair appointment

I am NOW going to sit with the calendar, diary and some pens to get this sorted!!!

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