Sunday, July 19, 2009

What does your week look like?

I don't mean your schedule, events etc. What do I mean though? I guess I mean your sanity, your motivation, your sense of order and organisation.

I have a theory... based on what happens here, what I read of other people and just because. Just because it makes sense. To me.

Monday - The start of a new week. Planned, focused and organised
Tuesday - Because Monday was good we think we have it under control and Tuesday seems to just cruise
Wednesday - Because we let Tuesday cruise, there's a whole bunch of stuff that didn't get done. Add that to Wednesday's tasks and it's overwhelming, so not too much gets done
Thursday - We realise the week is almost over, so we get focused on some key tasks
Friday - Our last chance so we either spend the day as headless chooks to cram before the weekend or we throw up our hands with a 'why bother' because it's just not going to all get done.

Please tell me it's not just me...

The key day for me is Tuesday
Tuesday is the tipping point
Do Tuesday right and I can hold the week together
Don't do it right and the whole week can unravel

What day is your undoing?

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  1. I look at my weeks very differently than I used to - even a couple of months ago. More and more, I find that Sunday evening becomes a time for me to prepare for the week. Purposeful Planning I like to call it. I take stock of my upcoming week, and make allowance for "life" to throw me curve balls. I usually have one day each week where I seem to accomplish NOTHING no matter how hard I try. I try not to let it guide the rest of my week (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't) and just see it as ONE day of my week. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the road - One excessively accomplished day and one "lazy" day every week.

    I don't always get everything done that I set out to do and find myself scrambling sometimes and feeling overwhelmed at others. Usually these are the days I "forget" to seek God first in the morning and commit my day to Him. I can see great success (and even if I didn't DO much, my attitude is different) in the days that I commit to God...