Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Awe

As I snuggle with Charlotte and breathe in that sweet smell of a new born baby, I am time and time again so very humbled and amazed at the awesome  power of our creator, God.

The task ahead wont be easy; raising a godly child in an ungodly world. To keep my focus on Him when the distractions of worldly success are all around.

I choose to cherish these moments, these round the clock feeding hours. To have sweet memories to hold onto when in the days, months and years ahead, the narrow path lacks companions and the journey seems long.
To return my focus to Him, His awesome power, His purpose for our existence.



  1. Those quiet middle of the night moments can be given begrudgingly or taken as a time of peace, love and reflection. I know what I chose with each of mine as littles. So glad you are enjoying your little one too.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  2. Children are a beautiful gift from God - a true miracle! God has blessed you abundantly with your four gorgeous little ones.

    Although the task ahead isn't an easy one, bringing children up in this sinful world, God is gracious and He will lead you all the way!

    PS. Love the pic - Charlotte's little fingers remind me of how intricately we are created.