Thursday, May 12, 2011

No Spend Month... and a road trip (unrelated!)

We need to buy a new car! We don't all fit in our current car and have been on the lookout for a while. We almost found what we needed but our mechanic said that repair work hadn't been done well after an accident and so not to touch it... sad, because it was mechanically sound!
Pete's off to look at another this afternoon... priced beyond what we can afford, even at a streeeetch but if it's a good car we'll make an offer but are prepared to walk away. We can't bargain with more than we have!!!

Either way... it's now a NO SPEND month. The grocery budget has been cut from $650 for the month, down to $250, I've dropped the home ed allowance altogether, entertainment which sits at a low $40 has been scrapped and so on.

Thankfully we have a reasonably well stocked pantry and freezer, along with many pumpkins from our summer harvest. The well stocked pantry includes about 13kg of basmati rice LOL... so we could be seeing a bit of that!

The hardest bit for me was choosing to ditch my home ed allowance... I know it will be made up down the track and there's nothing I need urgently (that's next month LOL) but I'm so used to having it there. And tonight there is our monthly home ed gathering where I often see some great books I'd like us to own. Aah well, onto the list they will go.

So, for the road trip... which is only related to the no spend month in that the car I'll be driving for said road trip is why we're having a no spend month.

I'm thinking October - probably just myself and the children - up to 2 weeks away, but WHERE? Where to go? What to do and see? I've driven loads... like 1/3+ of a non stop trip to Queensland, to Sydney multiple times just sharing the drive with hubby and so on. I'd probably want to go no further than 10-12 hours from Melbourne and with a couple of overnight's on the way. It'd be cool to do the trip with someone else but I don't like my chances of anyone in my immediate circle of friends joining us; till we leave though, I'll keep hoping. Also, the thing that scares me most is accommodation costs so if you've some cheap (and safe!!) ideas, throw them my way. If my dad were still alive, he'd know enough people all over that we could borrow plenty of lounge room floors or church halls.. in fact, he'd probably come along for the trip!



  1. If you felt like coming as far as Queensland we would offer you guys a room and a meal! But it's a rather long distance. Motels are generally the best option, and be careful staying in a cheap hotel near the cities. On our honeymoon hubby booked a hotel in Sydney and, well... let's just say we believe they probably charged by the hour for a certain clientelle, plenty of spare hard pillows in the cupboard and 'mood lighting' was only ruined by the bars on the windows and the italian sounding couple next door who argued half the night. Nowdays *I* book the hotels!

    Sorry I can't offer any help but I don't know much about hotels or people to stay with outside QLD

  2. Oh that sounds like fun. We will be heading north from where I live to the Gold Coast in the spring school holidays. I have lots of plans to make too. Although I am not sure I could cope with cutting my grocery budget as much as you have. Might need to though if I want to get sail boarding lessons, lol.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  3. Visit me or email me. Maybe I can help.

  4. You can visit us ( if we have a place to stay ). :o)