Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My new non stick saucepan

Don't freak - there's no Teflon coating or anything like it that can add toxins to the food we eat.

Since doing some serious reading on the topic some time ago, I've been wanting to move away from our non stick pots and pans and have for the most part - I now use a big stainless steel stock pot, a cast iron casserole for stove and oven cooking, and a cast iron grill plate for frying.

I'd been holding onto the porridge pot though.

Stainless steel and porridge didn't thrill me. Or stainless steel and white sauce. Or anything else that gets stuck easily.

Finally I decided it had to be done. And it had to be a good pot, with a nice heavy base to avoid 'hot spots' on the bottom which cause a lot of the sticking.

And then the light bulb went off.

Saucepans use to be like this!!

But.... Cheap ones with thin bases became common and so then it was pots with non stick surfaces that 'saved us'.
Guess what? Using a high quality saucepan with a THICK base is no more or less 'non stick' than a pot with a non stick surface!

We don't need the non stick surfaced saucepans. We just need GOOD saucepans that will last us a lifetime. Look after them well, and any white sauce or porridge can be made without sticking!



  1. so.....what brand is it?:) I have a chef knox frying pan and it's great!

  2. LOL - I had to go and look - the brand is 'Essteele'. Usually $210 for the 3.5L (which is the size we now need for a porridge pot that's going to last a few years... I got it for 40% off
    There were cheaper ones with the heavy base but I picked this because of the easy grip handles and the feel of it in my hands. A Scanpan one with a curved edged handle put uncomfortable pressure on my hand, even when empty - let alone what it might be like with a couple of kilo's of porridge in it!!

  3. oh ok:) thanks:) yea I've heard of that brand but not bought it, so glad to hear a good recommendation:)