Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meal Plan for the next few days

Pete started work last Monday (Yippee!) and meals are now a whole lot more tricky because I can't hand him Charlotte at meal preparation time during the week and be guaranteed I can prepare a meal all in one go. Add to that the oven dying at the same time and we're still waiting on a replacement and meal planning is even more difficult. Muffins, quiches, egg & bacon pies, breakfast muffins etc are all great for plan ahead meals as are lasagne, shepherd's pie and more. Sigh.

So today, typing as I think... toasted cheese n tomato sandwiches for lunch
Dinner: chicken sticks on vegie rice
Sunday lunch: Ravioli
Sunday dinner: stir fry vegies n beef
Monday lunch: scrambled eggs on toast
Monday dinner: Honey & mustard chicken N vegies

I can't think much past that at the moment... probably a crockpot stew or something like that... thinking on Wednesday I might take baking ingredients to my sisters place and spend the day baking in her oven... if ours isn't replaced by then


  1. Glad to hear your hubby has got work again. I hope it works out well for your family. I agree on pulling out the crockpot. I have a couple of favourite recipes for mine and it always makes such a huge batch of food that it is easy to get leftovers for another day.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  2. Glad you're back on your blog and congrats on the new work for your husband.

  3. Keep up blogging! I like knowing what goes on in your house and your head!