Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home Ed Camp

Last week we went to Karnkendi Camp in Nelson, near the South Australian border. I have no idea how many there were all up, maybe 50-60?? Anyway the kids had a ball. NO photo's were taken of anything camp - ARGH - but Pete did take a few pics of the day he took our kids to Mt Gambier(ish). I don't know exactly where they went but I know they had fun!

I LOVE this photo of our 3 eldest

While on camp I got to know a few of the other mums. No other dad's stayed the whole time but 3 others were in and out as work allowed. It was an absolute blessing for me to have Pete there as my MS fatigue hit BAD and I spent much of the time sleeping... only doing bare minimums by cooking meals (self catering camp) and feeeding Charlotte... and then off to bed whenever she went!

The kids spent hours playing outside in the bushy areas that were on the property - easily making friends with the other home ed children. Melinda also managed to read a couple of books - it would be more of a surprise if she didn't, really. Pete took the kids on the canoeing excursion - older children went on a 4km paddle, which I think M & Nj will be ready for in another year or two. Our guys just played around with the canoes in a 'safe spot', learning the ins and outs of going straight ahead and turning.

We saw quite a few wild emu while driving which was really cool. Especially the mum or dad emu with 4 (large) chicks tagging along. Pete and the kids happened upon this echidna which hid as they got close but then peeked out to see if they were gone.... this is the peeking photo

Pete also took the kids on a tour in the Princess Margaret Rose caves. I haven't spent much time looking at those photo's... they all thought it was really really cool... but all I could think of after seeing this first pic, was those GROSS anti smoking ads

see what I mean?!!

They were trying to tell me the cave was BEAUTIFUL! Ha!!



  1. You're right it's just like those anti smoking ads!
    Sounds like it was a nice family time away. I'd never heard of homeschool camps until recently:)

  2. Our kids first went on a home ed camp about 2.5 years ago - Pete took them while I was packing to move house. It was great and only cost about $400 (plus fuel) for the 2 kids and Pete... Timothy was less than 12mo and was free. The cost for that particular camp has since more than doubled so we're not able to go.
    THIS one that we went on was great - not strictly programmed but plenty available to do. It cost us $80 a night + activities. (Timothy & Charlotte were both free) It was self catering which kept the cost down too. I'm going to keep an eye out for more camps like this as it's cheaper than going on a family holiday by ourselves and has better opportunities. If we'd gone on a holiday to the area, we'd have been paying even double the price per night and wouldn't have had as much room etc... or access to canoes at such a cheap price and so on. All up the 5 days cost us about $650 including the return fuel!!