Friday, December 16, 2011

Pulled between the urgent and the important

or rather the urgent/important and the important

11 days to go, minus the 2 days taken up by family gatherings over the Christmas weekend, and Pete, the kids and I are catering for a group of 17 over 12 days on a Blue Moose summer mission.

9 days left to get everything sorted

Over 700 individual serves of food

I laugh at that number because it's a whole lot easier than 700 looks or sounds

I promise it is

Much to do of course, many lists to be made

but all up, easy done

I just need to be and stay organised

Keep a steady pace

Focus on the urgent/important things

Trust that things that are 'just' in the important list will wait

LOADS of shopping to be done

Groceries for the trip. Clothes enough for us to all be away that long with minimal washing

Cat food, chook food, baby food

Systems to have in place for milk deliveries, mail, chooks, cat, bins etc before we go

A garden that needs to be planted out this weekend so it can be at least a little bit established before we go away, or we won't be having our usual summer bounty of vegies over the coming months

Preparing the house for a potential house sitter

Hoping we get the house sitter

The back up plans of friends and neighbours if we don't

Family needs, hubby time, playgroup break up, thank you gifts, optometrist appointments, resting

People needing to hear back from me

Me not doing so because it's yet to hit the urgent/important list... it's only on the important list

At least I haven't put them on the not important and not urgent list :o)

Hindered by health, the increase of MS symptoms that has come with finishing pregnancy & breast feeding, the arrival of summer, and whatever progression might happen otherwise.

Fatigue. Brain fuzz. Visual disturbances. Bumping & falling.



Just aware

All enjoyed

Awesome opportunity for self development, training the hearts of my children

For serving Him

Taking the time to blog about it using up precious energy and focus?


It gets that out of my head, which has been going around and around all day

Freeing that thought space instead for the processing of the next packing list

Shopping list actually



  1. I got stressed just reading this:) oh my! Enjoy! I'll be away from blog land probably too for while.....blessings...rosemary

  2. Ditto what Rosemary said! I need to go have an asprin and a good lie down!

  3. Where are you? It's time to come back and update us.