Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost! A True Tale From The Bush

Thanks to Sarah We've just started reading 'Lost! A True Tale From The Bush'. If I remember correctly, Sarah picked up her copy in an op shop for about 50c and after looking up the book online I decided it would be great to read to the children as part of our work on Australia this year. I wasn't keen to spend $30 on it but was given the idea to ask my library to get it in (I didn't like my chances of finding it in an op shop LOL)
It arrived and we picked it up last week. I didn't start it right away as we were finishing up another book, but immediately I was impressed with the quality of the book - this is no ordinary children's book. The quality is that of 'coffee table' books...I'm starting to think that I'd be happy to pay $30 for it... maybe one day!
After starting to read it with the children today I can tell you this:
-It is well written and holds the children's attention
-The art work is interesting; different from most children's books around today, and the children have been pouring over it
-It is set in the 1860's and the end of each chapter shares a double page of what life was like in this time
-Another couple of days and we'll have finished reading it, as it's pretty quick to read even though it has over 100 pages
-Worth owning? YES!
For all the other info on the story itself click the picture above and have a browse yourself - it's worth your time!



  1. Great, glad to hear of your review, can't wait to hear what your childrens thoughts are at the end. This lovely book I did buy at a beautiful bookshop for $30! We haven't started yet, will start when I finished Our Sunburnt Country! Looking forward to it though! xxx

  2. That makes me feel a lot better!!

    I have Our Sunburnt Country here, Didn't think mine would process it well enough yet so am saving it for next year... looks LONG!

  3. It's taken us nearly a year to get through a Sunburnt country because we follow there journey on the map, stop and discuss things and narrate. It is long, but a very good start to Aus history, for us anyway!

  4. My 7 year old loves to read. It's hard to find good books that aren't full of fables, fairy tales, or witchcraft. He really loved the Little House on the Prairie series. Thank you for recommending this book. Did more research online and I am excited to get this book for him. My only problem is I live in the USA and can't find anywhere that offers Lost! I have emailed one of the AU online bookstores. Hopefully they will ship it to me. We'll see!