Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sick Day Plans

I'm a mum. A SAHM. Who's going to give me a sick day?!

Ha! Not likely you say?

I rarely ever get sick but was thinking about this after a Face Book friend commented on her hubby being sick and that him being unwell was as unpleasant as being ill herself! I'd say this goes for most men. Some won't ever take a day off when 'sick' but it's a rare man who won't let you know about it!

Well, no one covers my work load if I get sick right? I don't have a mum or MIL that just pop in to help out as many of my friends do, So I've figured I need to get prepared myself! In fact the one time I've had kids and asked a family member to come and feed my toddler her dinner I was asked 'is it really needed?'. Can I tell you how much that HURT! (When a woman asks for help - she NEEDS it!!!! Most can't ask by the time they're desperate!! When someone asks you for help, please trust they need it unless you see a pattern that says otherwise) So yeah, not much by way of help around here.

Anyway, things I am going to get ready...
-Casserole in the freezer for this purpose only so dinner will be done with about 2 minutes effort.
-DVD kept back from the kids, ready for them to watch when I need to rest (a long one!)
-Print out some puzzle pages, cut & paste and colouring sheets for the kids
-Make a note of Audio CD's we have on standby so I'm not doing a read-a-loud
-Keep some healthy instant snacks on hand so I'm not caught out needing to bake
-Get a loaf or two of home made bread in the freezer also for the above reason

I know some mums are organised like this for the first couple of days of their period each month; I'm blessed not to need that but every now and then I'll be unwell or am just plain exhausted and the above will help keep the family running.
I already keep up on the washing so we're never more than a load behind and I'm working on that with the ironing!

What do you do when you're not well enough to carry on as usual?


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  1. Good plans. I just hope you don't have to put them into action any time soon.
    Have a good week.