Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday Art

Here's last week's project: The bottom one is Nj's, the next one up is Melinda's and the one at the top that you can only see half of is mine that I did as as the example while they were watching.

This week I nabbed another idea (I think both came from the same art blog) and we did a version of 'Robots'
Again, I did an example with them watching and then left them to work on their own.




and guess who woke early from his nap and discovered us with paint?

Master Timothy


  1. Hey...fantastic, artwork brings so much joy ay! We love it in our household too!

  2. How often do you get around to doing something 'arty' Sarah?
    I'm trying for weekly... ha!
    Can be sooo messy. I want to get to the even messier stuff. Maybe the second Timothy heads for a nap it would be safe to begin...