Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life in Photos

The lemon tree - after a severe pruning (about 1/3 gone!)
Hoping it will help the lemons grow to a decent size now

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An hour at home alone got the calendar organised. The most fun bit was blocking out a week for a family holiday to Phillip Island in October :o)

Sprung! Timothy and water LOL - or rather anything that can make a mess. This time though he was actually being helpful!
oh, and Nj - his head at the bottom... anything to get in a photo, he took a dive across the floor to get in it!!

Timothy 'helping' to open Melinda's birthday gifts.. 'I wreck it, I wreck it', he said as he helped (he'd been told to not 'wreck it' when he'd tried unwrapping it earlier)

In awe of the new baby in the house

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