Monday, August 2, 2010

My Laundry

I was working in my laundry for the first time today and I must say...
although rather odd... I do love it!

Can you see it? It's on the right hand side of the house (but not the garage and workshop which is the separate building)
This is the view from about 2m in front of the back fence.

This is taken from just in front of my laundry - loving the huge yard and the kids are too!

This next one is taken from the same spot and is to the right of the above photograph.
The path on the right of the above photo is the same as the path on the left in the photo below

and here's a close up of my laundry *grin*

That's right... it's outside LOL and what a view I have! Was pretty nice to be able to pull the towels out of the machine, spin around and hang them up



  1. So do you have nice year round weather there?

  2. no, LOL.... this was a patch of sunshine on an otherwise pretty cold day... top of 13.9C here
    we don't get snow where I live.. nearby hills can get a dusting but for decent snow I'd need to drive a couple of hours.
    The last few weeks have been pretty overcast and dull with the sun only visiting for brief periods.

    It's funny you mention it, because I took the exact same photo's about an hour earlier when it was overcast... hadn't uploaded them by the time the sun came so I thought it worth retaking LOL