Friday, August 6, 2010

Out the window!

When I googled for pictures that fit 'out the window' this one came up - and a whole bunch of 'huh?' ones that just don't fit the phrase at all! Where did the phrase come from anyway?

So!... I have come to realise over this last week of attempting to get back into some sort of routine, that all of life has 'gone out the window' with all our moving dramas. NOTHING is working well.
This means I am starting from scratch. Sigh.
So start from scratch I will.

Next week Pete is taking the kids to visit Grandma down at the beach for 2 days. I was going to be unpacking. Thinking it through I have come to the conclusion that I am better off doing some serious planning/organising etc for this time

Mostly school stuff
Followed by daily jobs/routines
Followed by food/meal management

Note to self: The printer is showing low on black ink... I'd better buy the replacement before I am without car otherwise I can guarantee it will run out on the first page printed on the first morning they are away

What I'd like to know is
-Do you have routines/schedules and if so, how well do you stick to them?-How often do you take the time to review and shake them up?
-If you don't, are you getting as much done as you'd like to/could?

I feel like I am wanting this

but starting with this


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  1. Weeds are NOT fun. Evidently I am much better at growing those than I am at growing much of anything else. ;)

    Thanks for your comment today, and glad I could provide a bit of school-room encouragement.