Friday, November 26, 2010

Look What I Won!!

Okay, so I won it a couple of weeks ago now... but have been good and not opened it till now. In fact as I type, it's still wrapped up... so this is about as live a blog post as you can get from me!

All wrapped up

60 seconds later - Cute hey?

I won this from Cassie at Cassie's Cuddles - I love seeing what her and her family are up to and it is Cassie that has inspired me to start sewing... I have a LONG way to go but thanks to Cassie and now this book - I have lots of inspiration

After a quick flick, I think this is the project I will work on first - I need one!

Thanks Cassie!! xxx

PS... not too many posts to go till my giveaway... I'd better get to them as I want to give these currently mystery goodies away before Christmas! And in case you're wondering... it is international... so it doesn't matter where you live, you still have a chance :o)



  1. Oh, what a beautiful book! You'll have a lot of fun with that one! My girls have a neat book full of little projects like that, and they love sewing.

  2. Lovely! I will get into sewing one day I'm sure as my dd grows:)

  3. Just blog walking and want to say hi to the owner, I'm enjoying reading your review/story

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