Monday, November 1, 2010

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

After waiting months and  months to see this film, it is finally in Australia and we have a copy
I highly recommend you getting one too!

What I liked most
It was heartwarming and drew you in... expect to shed a few tears
The wonderful examples of forgiveness
The encouragement to share the gospel
The healthy relationship portrayed between young and old
The promotion of living God's way being great and something we all really do want versus being restrictive
...and last but not least,
The inspiration it has given my children - I won't tell you what about, as that gives away too much... you might be able to guess after you see the movie :o)

What I liked least
Initially I was quite uncomfortable with the emphasis on 'liking a girl' and 'dating' as I hold quite strong convictions about a more deliberate 'courting' way of finding one's marriage partner.
I love how it was dealt with in the end... but if I told you how that was, it'd give away such a good part of the movie, so I'll just say it was directed back to who God wants us to marry, not so much how we 'feel' about someone in a moment of life.
All up I think it can be used well and lead to some good discussions with our children about not looking for a marriage partner till one is mature enough to be married, seeking God's will in relationships and honouring God above all else.

To see the movie trailer click here
To buy it in Australia, try 
(I'd add a link but it's seems to be having rare loading issues at the moment)
Word does not yet have it in stock

NB: I have not been asked to review this, nor have I been given any goods or cash to do so. It is a personal review of my choosing.

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