Sunday, November 28, 2010

10 tips for being organised ~ Tip #4

Tip #4
Make more margins.
Stop tail gating... you know when you see that crazy car on the road and you give it a whole lot more space.... well life is like that crazy car - out of control... so accept it, get over it and make some space!

  • Put the clocks in the house forward a permanent 6 minutes - and don't tell anyone, if you can get away with it!
  • When going somewhere, work out how long you need to get ready so you can work out your departure time... and add in an extra 20%ish for life that will get in the way - a nappy that needs changing, misplacing your keys, looking up the address or whatever it may be. It can almost be guaranteed THERE WILL BE SOMETHING.
  • Do first things first... make your list for the day and note the things that are MUST DO's on that day, and start with them. Do the optional items later - because they are the ones that don't matter so much if not done!
  • Budget every dollar, including about 10% 'oops'... BEFORE the money arrives. Then don't spend it any other way until the next time around.
  • Work out dinner the night before so that a) anything needed is defrosted and b) you're not gazing in the fridge at 5pm wondering what to cook or having a takeaway AGAIN!!
  • Have a complete back up meal or two in the house - even if it's just a bag of pasta and a jar of pasta sauce.

That's the first bunch of ideas that come to mind, to help us have more 'margin' in life... I'd love to hear what you do to create 'margin' in your life and thus avoid what I call 'headless chook syndrome'.
(and for non-Aussies, a chook is a hen)



  1. Great tips here though No.1 never worked for us as we were constantly re-adjusting time:)
    What has worked for us instead as you made the point in number 3 is to plan to leave 15 minutes earlier than we have to and that way it compensates for unexpected delays and sometimes we even get there early:) now I'm not saying this always happens but we do try...:)

  2. Those are all awesome. I couldn't get away with the clock changes here, but I have learned that budgeting technique lately and have conquered the "what's for dinner" brain lapse.