Monday, September 26, 2011

The lollypop

A lollypop surfaced in our house about 2 weeks ago and it was quickly asked by every short person 'Whose is it? Can I please have it" to which I quickly answered (so as to end any discussion) "No you can't, it's mine"

Well Timothy (3) just can't handle it LOL

Every time he comes across it, an average of 2 x a day, he brings it to me "Here you go mum, I got it for you"!!!!!

Someone else is moving it too though, I don't know who... but it was placed by the computer today and now it's gone again... never mind, I'm sure Timothy will find it tomorrow.

Do you think I should stop the torment and let him have it?



  1. It will be another few days before I can give it to him LOL... we have cousins here till Thursday arvo and that would be nasty