Sunday, September 11, 2011

Treasured Moments

It's been ages since I've taken one of the kids out for one on one Mummy Time so today I followed through with a promise to take Timothy out. I asked him what he wanted to do and he picked "Brown cake with brown icing pleeeease Mummyyyyyy".

After we found cafe #1 to be closed on a Sunday we headed to Zagame's and I let him pick from their cake fridge. He picked a cookies and cream cheese cake. We had a fun time chatting, eating, watching other people, eating, chatting and more eating. I really ought have taken an 'after' photo of that plate too! (and his face LOL)

I'm going to link this in to Treasured Moments because that's just what times like these are - treasured! Check out Erin's Blog to follow Treasured Moments and join in when you can.

Hubby and I had an at home date night on Saturday night - a movie and chinese takeaway...  and little Charlotte even settled for the night more easily than she had in ages. It was nice to enjoy that time together without tackling one of the many tasks on the ever growing To Do List. The evening did confirm for us though, that we are needing to purchase a new dvd player... why oh why don't they last!?!

How about some plans for more Treasured Moments? There's nothing quite as special as family but girl friends are nice to have too - so I've invited a handful to come over this Tuesday evening for a fun evening... very much looking forward to that. Planning such a thing isn't always easy, guest list wise. Especially in a tiny house. Maybe I just need to do more of them again.

I'm also starting to pencil out ideas for the coming summer... picnics with the children, raspberry picking again and so on. Plans must be made or things don't happen!

PS Yes, this is the same Timothy as pictured in my blog header on the far right... time for an update there I think. Hoping to get my head around that one soon :o)


  1. Love your treasured moment.


  2. Love it! an after shot would have been very great but I'll let you off the hook lol!
    p.s. we have a Pioneer dvd player and recorder. (bought it on a friends recommendation and it has lasted us many years, still going strong)

  3. Your son is too cute! I could just imagine what his face looked like after eating that whipped cream and chocolate cake. :)

    ~Madame Wildflower

  4. Narelle
    No. 2 sounds like a special moment, as busy hs mums we don't often get to re-charge this way:)