Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Recent Happenings

Shared glee opening a favourite DVD on her 9th birthday at the start of August ~ Swiss Family Robinson

A little fuzzy because sitting in a rocking chair, holding a baby and taking a photo is NOT a still event!

Mid-chat... she's a girl for sure!
She's in there somewhere - the boys LOVE playing with her

One of Timothy's favourite things to do is wash dishes :o)

Just noticed the boys hair - they've both had hair cuts since these photo's were taken and now have a style that looks more like Charlotte ;o)



  1. Great pics, especially managing to capture your daughter's birthday expression. I know what you mean about the baby being a real girl. My twelve week old granddaughter is already "communicating" much more obviously than her twin brother. Just the way girls are made!
    Glad we can comment here now. Thanks!

  2. Happy belated b/d to your lovely daughter! a picture speaks a thousand words:)