Thursday, October 13, 2011

Keeping that puzzle moving

Busy times here at the moment... much juggling and fine tuning happening here

  • This week we have bought bunks from Ebay and added them into 'the girls' room (was known as Melinda's room).
  • The photocopier has moved from the boys room to the girls room.
  • The tall boy with Timothy's clothes is now in the boys room where the copier was... but Melinda's underwear has gone with it so we have about 9 drawers to swap the contents of, around.
  • There is now a trundle under the bunk in the girls room (thank you Ebay again).
  • Melinda's room has been decluttered (again) and now today I have moved the change table in there... it being on wheels will make life easier as I'll need to move it to get to the photocopier every few weeks.
  • Melinda's needlework box is now to be kept in the passage on the bottom shelf of book shelves
  • We've sorted through the children's books (also today) and have 3 bags of them to donate to a fundraising garage sale.
  • We also found another bag and box of things we can give away. Ooh and just remembered a whole bunch of other things I can add to the car boot for that drop off.
  • I've figured out I will manage paper better if I can have a filing cabinet near me in the kitchen/dining/office room, so in the next few days the 3 drawer cabinet will be brought inside from the 'weird room out the back' and be placed next to my fridge, behind my desk
  • Only in that position at the moment.... is a set of 8 plastic drawers. So now I need to find another 'space' for them.
  • And because the change table is no longer in our room, we can bring the exercise bike back inside at long last (currently in the garage)

Still not looking like we will be able to move our bed away from the wall while living in this house though!

(oh - and we got chooks!!!)

(they live outside though ;o)



  1. I just bought a new dishwasher and had the same puzzle piece shuffle to fit it into the kitchen, move the fridge to the dining room, etc.

    Just a tip for your 3 drawer filing cabinet. The top is exactly the right height to be used as a standing desk. I also pull out the top drawer and because my drawer sides are solid, not just rails, am able to rest an old shelf across the top. I put my diary on here and my clipboard. I can then put it away neatly in the top drawer if we have visitors as my filing cabinet is in a small lounge area in front of our fireplace, next to the dining room. A very good central spot for a "desk".

    Have fun with the chooks, how many? We are getting some soon I hope.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  2. Dropped you in it! I have nominated you for a Stylish Blogger's Award. Check out my post to find out what it is all about.

    Best wishes