Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living in a puzzle

The house we live in is so small, it's like living in one of these puzzles

Nothing can move where you want it unless something else is moved first



  1. Do you think the day you 'get it together' you will be moving? Are you also happy to stay AND happy to leave? I bounce a bit between both.

  2. Oh where did my comment go! Disappeared into cyberspace I guess:(

  3. :( must have coz it hasn't even come through in my emails

  4. Katherine.... Happy to stay for now, and maybe for a few more years. I would like to fit better here, long before we leave. I like the security here especially - the landlord isn't planning on bulldozing so should have no reason for us to leave and the rent is about as low as you can get in this area... though this also means the house is about as 'low' as you can get too LOL