Monday, November 21, 2011

George Washington Carver

This is the 3rd book in this series that we've read as a read-aloud. I have enjoyed them all, as have the children. Being a biography, they get a little tough for me to read towards the end because, well... the person always dies. Makes me teary every time!

ISBN: 9781883002787

We all learnt a lot... about racism, death, human cruelty, gardening, saving, choices, needs and more. A great way to glean a little bit of history. We just read along slowly, one chapter a day over maybe 4 days a week. This book had 16 chapters so it took us a bit under a month. I'd like to go a bit faster and am aiming for 5 days a week for our next few books. It's not the only reading that happens around here... bible reading, shared chapter read-alouds, personal reading in free time, quiet time reading... not to mention sneaky reading when something else is meant to be being done!

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  1. I've been naughty. I have let my 9 year old read our "read-a-louds" to himself b/c I haven't wanted to take the time to read out loud lately. I need to get back into shape about that.