Saturday, November 26, 2011

Planning details #2

The next pile of importance... Education in The House of Bogwitz is about a whole lot more than academics. This pile is a lot about 'the way we do things'

The top book which is hard to read in the picture is A Charlotte Mason Education ~ A Home Schooling How-To Manual
There is at least one other book that follows on from this, but this in itself has been a helpful tool for me. Great as an introduction to CM styles, beliefs etc or for use as a summary that is easy to go back to for refreshing one's memory of the longer CM writings.

A Life That Says Welcome is a book about hospitality through all areas of life... developing a 'let nothing stop you' attitude. That's a part of our family's education foundation; without love, we are nothing.

Joyfully at Home is a part of the deliberate direction in which we are raising our daughters

Maltesers - YUM! I will say no more other than I have heard they are not sold in the US (sorry peoples!)

Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit - oh so helpful for someone like myself who does NOT have a meek and quiet spirit by default. A few 'ouch!' moments when reading but it's only by 'ouch!' moments that we grow, right?

Raising Godly Tomatoes is a SUPER helpful book about raising godly children... children that ARE the blessing they're meant to be. If any Aussies are interested in getting a copy of this book, let me know. I'm looking at a bulk order if there's enough interest. Buying direct costs about $42AUD for one book, I can get a bulk order for about $25/book delivered to your door.

and that's the end of that pile!



  1. I only have the first one from your list:) it is definitely a great little 'how to' book!

  2. If there's enough interest I might get in on the godly tomatoes book, but it'll depend on when the order goes through, I certainly can't do anything right now. Hubby has just quit work to start his own business (he was close to being made redundant anyway) so we have no income outside of centerlink until it starts bringing in some money. But put my name down for possible interest in the new year!