Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Planning details

In my recent 2 days of Home Ed Planning time (bliss hey?!) I got sooo much done. Still more to do. Focus was hard at times, but yes, lot's of good things achieved. I LOVE when I get time home alone. That which I was not able to get done is all good because I at least now know what that is, and sometimes that's the worst bit of the battle of organisation in anything - knowing what to do and where to begin.

Here's a bunch of books from my original picture, to give you a better idea of how I go about planning

On top are my 2 diaries for the next year. I photocopy a few pages out of them so I can start them early. The small one I've been using since the Start of October and the large one with 2012 noted on the spine, I have just started in the last few weeks.

Why diaries and not an app? I'm a paper gal. My brain functions better when I can see it all laid out.
Why 2 diaries? The small one means I can always take it with me - important for managing a life of bits and pieces. Saves me much thinking time as I don't have to remember to 'get back to people'
The larger one allows me to see a week to an opening which means each week when I sit down to plan, I have the space to do it. Book work times, outings, errands and meal plans can all go in the one place.
Both these diaries are from Kikki K and I'm loving them because asides from the cute designs, the monthly view in them is as a calendar view, not a long list of dates which is what I've found elsewhere since ditching my Franklin Covey. A calendar layout for a month is MUCH easier for me to visualise our coming's and goings.

Next in the pile are 2 of my 1c exercise books (I think I have a 10 year supply?)
I use these for project planning. One of these is for the home ed family camp we're going on next week. Here all info goes... costs & budget, packing lists, meals for the road trip and meals once we're there (it's a self catering camp which is great because it keeps the costs down in a MAJOR way)

The other orange book was empty and is now filled with notes.
As it came to mind I noted WHAT I wanted to plan on my weekend, What has WORKED in the past and what has NOT, notes of possible read -alouds and shared-chapter books, the workings out of how long it would take Melinda to get through her LLATL and Nathaniel his Explode the Code, The workings out of our term dates for the rest of this year and all of 2012, MY reading list for the next however long it takes me to get through it and notes on the developing weekly schedule.

Most importantly was the IMPORTANT page at the front of the book which helped me keep things in perspective.

Next in the pile is my bible. This one is about a year old now after I had a light bulb moment that I needed a bible that was easy to hold and use if I was going to achieve my goal of reading it more. A heavy hard cover study bible is not helpful when wanting to curl up in a chair and read or do bible time with the kids while holding or feeding a baby. This one solved that - a nice soft flexi cover and not too heavy. Don't do anything serious without your bible near by. If you get me you get me. If you don't then explaining won't help :o)

Organized Simplicity  is a GREAT book in which I'm still finding gems.... I'll share more on it tomorrow (I promise!) It's NOT what I expected in an organising book and it's a keeper :o)

Large family Logistics is a book that is great for anyone with kids, I'd say especially for those who are at home with their kids. It makes a great gift - I've bought 3 copies already! I keep it handy when planning because if I'm stuck on something a quick flick through this and I usually have a new idea that will usually work for us - Got to love that! Plenty of room in it to make notes too (though some hate marking books, I know)

Well, that's the end of pile #1... there's 3 more to come... hopefully I'll get to them soon.


  1. wow, you are SO organised! You certainly made use of your home alone time wisely. Thanks for sharing your details, I enjoyed reading them:)

  2. Goodness! You sound very organized! After reading this post, you put my poor organization skills to shame, ha, ha! :) At any rate, I'm glad that you got so much accomplished. When things get done, it makes for a much less stressful home environment.