Monday, March 12, 2012

Sneaking back in to update

3 months passes too fast! Each time I think about returning to blog, the list of updating that I WANT to do, is overwhelming. Conclusion - I shall have to put that long list aside, update a little and move on. *sigh* LOL

Christmas... was lovely...but too busy. Visited the inlaws and my mum/family all on Christmas day. 2 visits, 1 day = nuts. Especially when for years we've not gone anywhere and just enjoyed the day at home! A new plan is already in our minds for this year.

Blue Moose family catering craziness proved to be exactly what God wanted us to be doing over that time with was affirmed and reaffirmed. Listen for God's voice, most especially when you think it's nuts and others are telling you it's nuts. For the entire time we were doing Blue Moose Summer Mission Catering, my MS symptoms did not increase above winter levels. Blew me away that! The blessing's of God continue to surprise. God is good.

Road Trip like none other - at the end of January, we were invited by friends to join them on a day trip to the SPC outlet in Ballarat and to Costco Melbourne on the way back. Sounds ordinary enough yeah? Well, Pete was working so he didn't come. All up though, we had 10 children and 3 adults in our friends van (bus?). Plus an enclosed trailer attached. Awesome day of much fun. A picnic by Lake Wendouree, off to SPC, road trip back to Melbourne, into Costco and finishing with a quick dinner there just before they closed. Back home to unpack and stack all the goods. That took time over the next couple of days!! (for those that don't know,SPC is a (mostly) canned goods outlet)

Early Feb brought another major change our way - Pete had been in his new job for 6mo and they decided not to renew his contract. So back to job hunting we go, on a centrelink income. Best thing is though that we've followed God's leading and reduced our basic living expenses over the last few years. Thus, while living on the centrelink benefits is by no means fun... it's do-able, especially as God continue to provide in other unexpected ways :o)

More to come... and a few photo's



  1. Glad to see you sneaking back! I've been MIA for a while also.

  2. Good to hear from you Mrs B! We love Lake Wendouree with it's nice play ground! did some sailing there this past holiday.