Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Holidays!

(Not a phrase I typically like or would often find applicable, I must say!)

I love the idea of house swapping and house sitting and we're kind of doing both at the moment. Friends have blessed us by having a holiday in Queensland with their family - and have given us the use of their house on Phillip Island... and we who have a bunch of chooks (hens) and a cat, so can't leave home without help, have house-sitters using our place and caring for our animals while we are away.

For years I've held the opinion that mother's rarely get a holiday... we just do the same thing, somewhere else - yes? So this time I was keen to plan things out so I DO get a  break. A chance to do things that for some, might still be a 'work' of kinds but for me, a nice break/change.

Sewing, knitting, crocheting... none of which I do too well at all and with both knitting and crocheting, I'll need the instruction books I brought with me LOL

And that's why I don't get to them at home - the head space needed to do them is beyond what I have available in day to day life. Here, the meals are planned out and mostly cooked even! (soo worth the advance work!!) And then today, Hubby has said he'll do dishes while we're here!

Happy Holidays Indeed!!


  1. That's my idea of a holiday! Have a lovely time and get lots of relaxation in.

    1. The best kind - hard for most mamas to come by I reckon. I highly recommend it though!