Friday, April 20, 2012

Winding Up The Week

Typing in the quiet of the house while I wait for everyone to stir - yesterday was a BIG day, so I have placed no expectation of having everyone up and on the go by 7am as is the usual around here.

My highlights of this week
  • 3 great 'bookwork' days in a row; Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • A friend coming for lunch on Wednesday afternoon
  • Thursday's road trip leaving soon after 6.30am to do shopping at the SPC outlet in Ballarat, spend delightful time with a friend, pick up 100kg of spelt grain from her house, sus out the town of Creswick, spend another lovely hour with another friend and then hit the road to get back to Melbourne for dinner/piano/boys brigade

And today, we'll wind up the week with a 'mostly student free day' and make sure the house is pulled back together for the weekend. Washing to be washed and folded, a chest freezer that needs defrosting, read aloud George's Marvellous Medicine while the kids are folding washing, get vacuuming and mopping done and help Pete where needed as he has a job interview this afternoon! I need to find homes for the SPC shopping and make a wonderful dinner - Tonight I'll be making the drool worthy Bolognese Risotto, can't wait!

It will be a full day but a 'pottering' kind of day ~ my idea of home-makers bliss.



  1. Everyone has blogged a very hectic week! Have a great weekend.

    1. I have an inkling it could be that many of us are back in week 1 of a school term? They tend to keep ME busy and focused anyway LOL

  2. What's The spc outlet in ballarat? My in laws live there and we visit often but have not heard of that one ? Btw love ruby's idea of a sat roast (from your newer post) must try that one too....seeing cooler weather is upon us now:)

    1. Would love to catch up with you when you're headed to Ballarat sometime!! Only 2 hours from here which is pretty good considering you live interstate!!
      The outlet is in Mair Street
      The online price list next to never gets updated so is not too helpful and is also not complete. They also have a bunch of things there that are NOT on the price list. They don't stock the 3kg tins like Shepparton SPC do but all up the value is still great!