Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meals for the Weekend

 Planning out the meals always helps keep some sort of sanity here, even on the weekends, so I'm taking a few minutes now to get us sorted.

Do your meals change on the weekends, or do you cook the same type of things? Pancakes only ever show up on our weekend menus

Yesterday when Nathaniel and I de-iced the chest freezer, we found quite a few raspberries so today we'll be having raspberry pancakes with cream...for lunch now instead of breakfast, as originally thought. YUM!

Saturday Breakfast - Get your own, eggs on the side by request
Saturday Lunch - Raspberry Pancakes
Saturday Dinner - Apricot chicken
Sunday Breakfast - Bogwitz McMuffins
Sunday Lunch - At mum's
Sunday Dinner - At a friend's

A pretty easy Sunday hey! Not often that happens! I still want to get the crockpot on overnight tonight with a beef casserole... need to make sure one is free - I have chicken broth happening in one at the moment and apricot chicken will be in the other for the day.



  1. Saturday night we almost always have a roast unless it is a big day out. Lamb tonight. Sunday is basic. Tuna Bake tomorrow night.
    Have a good weekend!

    1. I love the idea of a weekly roast but haven't been able to get my head around it. You may have just solved it for me!! I grew up with them being for Sunday lunch which was easy as we lived next to the church, so as soon as the service was over, mum could dash for 5 minutes and turn potatoes etc over, and let it keep cooking for another hour while 'tea & coffee' finished up at church. Hard to find a day when we're home in the afternoon each week and then not having one absent at dinner hour - though easier this year as both boys & girl's brigade are now evenings as the children are older... so... had never thought of Saturday for some reason till you mentioned it LOL
      Might aim for that over the next few weeks and see what we can do!