Saturday, July 27, 2013

To Save $100

or more!

NO shopping for the next 12 days... not till August 8th!

I've armed myself by doing essential shopping at the beginning of the fortnight and we have a regular fruit n veg order that comes each Tuesday and milk order on Thursdays. Those things I'm keeping with. Money has been put aside for chook feed which we buy every 3 months and happens to be next week. Money has also been put aside for Dd's annual birthday shopping trip which is a week away. Sounds like a lot hey! The main thing I want to avoid is buying anything from food/grocery stores that can possibly be avoided. 2-3 times a week we just pop out for 1-2 things which becomes 5-6, and it adds up. At the moment, I don't want it to add up! Must keep my eyes closed to a bargain for the next 12 days!

I know I'm well stocked on toilet paper, tissues, nappies, baby wipes...I am REALLY hoping I've not forgotten anything IMPORTANT!

What about meat - we LOVE meat... it'll have to be whatever is in the freezer! We do have 2kg mince, 1kg cooked chicken meat, 1 whole chicken, half a kilo of beef stir fry, (doing an inventory while I blog... meat had NOT been thought out before this decision!), a couple of kilo's of fish, tins of tuna & salmon, 1 meals of bolognese sauce and 1 meal of lamb stir fry. I REALLY don't want to get to the end of the bolognese sauce. 3 times in 12 days would stop it being a favourite! Hopefully only once!

I'm also keeping 2 lists... one for meals we think of that we'd like to eat but don't have the ingredients on hand for... and the other list, the next shopping list - It's going to be an important restocking one, I think!

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