Thursday, March 28, 2013


If you're on the House of Bogwitz Facebook page, you'll know we're moving house soon. And if not, you just found out now!

There is so much to be done. Moving out of a tiny house means packing is going to take quite a bit of effort. There's no space to easily put boxes as they're packed. So packed boxes are in walking space. There's only 2 of them so far. And already it's making everything we need to do in the house, even more difficult and time consuming to accomplish. Once we get a fair chunk of the packing done, we'll have more space, to be able to more easily finish off the rest of it. But that stage... is at least a week away.

So, this morning I've woken with a long to do list and zero motivation. *sigh*

Say a prayer for me, please? For energy and focus?

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