Monday, August 5, 2013

Cheese for dinner

That was just last night, not every night. It was good though! Camembert.

Yep, just Camembert!

Which got me thinking... I hadn't shared my 'avoiding grain' conclusions.
(I've been avoiding grain with varying focus and commenting about it on FB for a week or so from July 23)

so... after 5 days of avoiding grains almost completely, I had a couple of wheat based biscuits... and had stomach pain within 20min. That was fascinating and unexpected. Sugar cravings also kicked in.
Then on the Sunday, I had cous cous for dinner and felt generally 'heavy' for the rest of the evening.
I ditched grain almost completely again and the higher levels of energy returned. Sugar cravings disappeared.
Mid-end of that second week, I had spelt grain in muffins for breakfast and felt okay but sugar cravings kicked back in.
Conclusion: Moving forward with the assumption that modern wheat does not agree with me. Spelt is better but still triggers sugar cravings if a main part of a meal - possibly less so when served with larger volumes of healthy fats ie butter, coconut oil etc

This next week: I'm going to be quite strict for the next 5 days (M-F) and not have grains as a main part of any meal and will adapt our family meals to suit... I need to spend some time planning and making notes of what a bunch of good meals are for this way of eating, especially as hubby is keen to give the no grain thing ago, as soon as I've got my head around higher volumes of food needing to be provided, without the grain!


  1. So, for this instance, does rice count as a grain? I could avoid bread, I could avoid pasta, and biscuits etc, but I don't know if I could make it without potatoes or rice!

    1. yep, no rice. potato i would say is a carb and therefore ok?? Narelle said grains, not CARBS so im assuming they are two different things, yes??