Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thermomix Usage

Everyone uses their Thermomix a little bit differently, depending on food choices, and family size, mostly. I commented on the weekend that I probably use mine an average of 3 times a day...the reply being "That's 3 meals a day!".
Well, no, sort of, maybe... it all depends on HOW you use it...

So, I thought I'd track my usage for a while, so you can see what OUR experience of this amazing machine is.

Yesterday... I made a loaf of bread. That was it in Thermie for the day

Today... so far... a loaf of bread, 2 batches of chocolate balls, and 2 Jelly slice. 5 uses so far.
I intended adding to that 2 batches of apricot slice, and 2 batches of chocolate date slice. That'll be  total of 9 uses in the day. Oh, and tonight... I'm making up a double Taco pie... with the chemical free mexican seasoning mix, made in TMX... so make that 10 uses in the day.

Stick with me... it's a busy week!

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