Friday, May 8, 2009

Windmill... calling my name

aah, one of the greatest joys of home education: supply shopping!

I'm organising a group of 8 children for a 7 week craft class... all just so I get to buy the supplies!
haha... not really, but it's a fun part of it.

Art & craft is messy and if you're just doing it for a couple of children, quite expensive as decent supplies come in bulk packs :(
To get over that hurdle I am organising a group to meet at our place each week to do a variety of activities... magnets, painting, pop up cards, puppets and so on.
The other parents LOVE the idea because it's cheaper than enrolling them in one of the professional classes available but pretty much the same on offer PLUS it's not them having to get crafty and organised and then cleaned up after!!

oh - and the windmill reference... one of my favourite supply shops.
I hear Zart art is good... I am yet to investigate - I promise I will though!

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