Saturday, June 27, 2009

3 Months In and Counting

It's been 3 months this weekend since we moved in here.
It's amazing how much can change in that time, and change many times at that!

I finally have a business routine happening - which is the most stressful, when it's not happening.

Homemaking is okay - it has it's ups and downs. We've just added a work table to the loungeroom for the children and hubby and I can already see the benefits. Being a work at home, home education family means we are pretty much all here, all the time. We need to not drive each other crazy LOL.
Well, the loungeroom wasn't getting used much - maybe 30mins a day for TV and once a fortnight when having friends over. Not much considering it's about 25% of our floor space and 50% of our living space!
I believe this addition will help me be more organised but only time will tell. More organised means more than one spotless room at any one time LOL

While I decided more than 7 years ago to home educate, this is our first 'real year' as dd is 6, almost 7 (school year here is same as calender year) so we've been finding out what works and what doesn't. I'm settling in to being happy with our chosen curriculum and knowing what to add and what not to add. I have worked out that my best business time is morning, and so home education is about to be an afternoon thing - we're taking a couple of weeks off at the moment, to prepare business for while we are away.
I feel that we're ready for more consistency once we're done with this break and I look forward to it.

Meal planning & shopping - is wonderful. We are all eating more fresh foods. I do need to sit down and write a meal planning list as there are so many more options that I keep forgetting about. As I type I can smell a chicken roasting in the oven... I am determined to do it myself for $6/chicken instead of $11 when cooked by the supermarket. Roast chicken tonight, chicken pie tomorrow and then chicken n corn soup on Monday.... LOVE roast chook!
The cost of 5mins to do a roast chook for a savings of $5 is like getting paid $60tax free an hour!

Exercise - I need to get back into it. I was walking 3 x a week for a month but with the colder weather, it has dropped off. I need to focus on this.

Water - am drinking lots but need to keep my focus on it as it's easy to stop doing!

Money - we are doing so much better with this, however there is still room for improvement. I need to take a look at next month's finances and work out what cash we need. We're slowly moving to cash shopping etc. This month petrol has been cash and it's working well.

Goals other than mentioned above....
I want to have the kitchen, dining & lounge all tidy asides from what is being used at the time.
This year, maybe for Christmas, maybe sooner? I'd like to buy a sewing machine so I can better care for my family.
Debt. I'd like to halve our debt between now and Christmas.

Hmm... yes.... all is good in the House of Bogwitz :)

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