Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food Choices

God has been leading me to less processed foods, reducing additives etc that we eat and increasing fresh food volume in our diet.

We've been talking about it a bit her for the last couple of months and I've come to realise I need to sit down and have a serious planning session to make it work!

Some things are easy - cut out 'diet' products as they have artificial sweeteners in them, and so on.

The trickier thing, since we're so used to eating everything cooked, is to find interesting raw/salad recipes that we can eat without scaring ourselves too much IYKWIM LOL.

There's a few I've come up with - but even searching for vegetarian recipes, most are cooked - and I know some good cooked ones already!

Another thing I am noticing is that most snacks we eat are processed, so when I sit down and plan I need to make a list of snacks that fit our new food choices.

So many products are labeled with 'no artifical colours' etc but still have things in it that you don't want to be eating - there's quite a maze to go through and the food companies don't want to help you, just themselves!

What are you eating that God wants you to eat? How much are you eating that is not fit for His temple?

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