Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're a bunch of Wusses'!

The heating on at night annoys us as it starts by blowing cold air and then barely gets warm before switching off again - this is because we had it set at just 13 degrees. This as a house temperature is quite fine at night but annoying with the heating functioning the way it does.

So, we cured it. The last 2 nights we just switched it OFF

Can I tell you, it gets mighty cold! Just 1-2 degrees colder makes a huge difference when making the bathroom dash in the morning!

I am reminded though of when I was growing up. We didn't have air conditioning till I was about 13 and then it was reserved for the lounge/dining/kitchen as it was all one room. Heating was pretty much the same! Doors closed so the heat didn't go up to bedrooms or the bathroom.
It was not uncommon either, to arrive home from school to find dad airing the house - in the middle of winter!!! No heating anywhere!

And this was just life as we knew it.

I won't go back to that but from now on the heating will be off at night. Why pay an extra couple if hundred dollars each year just to have a warm bathroom dash in the mornings. When I think about it, that is an obscene waste of our money and it can be put to a more productive use elsewhere.

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  1. I can relate to this a little bit. When my dad joined the Air Force, we lived in California. Our first station was Anchorage, AK - and we arrived during summer. When winter came, we were SHOCKED by the cold (to say the least) and I can remember mornings coming down for breakfast and the oven door hanging open after mom pulled our meal out - she was just letting the heat of the oven into the rest of the house!


    I'll be honest, I'd rather be cool than hot. I'd rather have to layer on clothes than not. I am grateful for air conditioning - but this summer, we've set it several degrees higher than normal so we can save some $$$ too. =)